Before using the case:
All of our cases have been tested and driPhone certified however we cannot guarantee the case has not been damaged in transit.  We highly recommend that you perform our quick 2 minute waterproof test. 
Note: Perform this test after every time the phone is dropped.  This will ensure the case remains waterproof

Follow the open and close instructions without the phone inside the case and then:
1. Place the empty case into a sink or bucket full of water and submerge for 2-5 minutes
2. Dry the outside of the case thoroughly.  If the case fails this test you will see water inside the case. If this occurs, do not use the case - contact us


Watch the video below for instructions on how to open your driPhone:

1. Insert a coin and twist to pop open the case.  With your fingers carefully remove the back of the case
2. Insert the phone at a 30° angle with the mute and volume button side first

1. Align the back cover correctly
2. Press firmly on each of the 9 triangles in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to correctly and securely close the case.  Check the case to make sure you have not missed any.

• Before using the case, perform the 2 minute waterproof test
• Do not use the case if it fails the 2 minute waterproof test
• Make sure the waterproof seal, contact surfaces and screen are free of foreign objects (hair, dust, sand)
• Clean the case thoroughly with warm soapy water after any use in water, especially after using in sea water
• Do not allow corrosive  chemicals or solvents to come in contact with the case
• Do not use the case in depths exceeding 2 meters as the case may suffer damage, malfunction or leak
• Do not disassemble or modify the case in any way, as the case may malfunction or leak