driPhone is not just about phone protection, driPhone is about life protection.  No longer are mobile phones simply devices for managing calls and texts, they are now portable P.A’s for your life; capturing memories, scheduling actions and retaining all of your important information.

 So when living life threatens to remove that from you with a simple drop, dunk, or dusting, we at driPhone thought that just shouldn’t be the case. And that is why we made it our mission to design a case that not only protects your phone against the elements, but enables you to take life with you wherever the adventure leads! Sand, Snow, Sea, or Sky, driPhone cases are ready for any one of life's many moments, even if you are not.

 After years of thoughtful planning and extensive testing in many environments, driPhone cases are ready for all the life you can throw at them. Work or play, rain or shine, you’ll be waterproof, drop proof, dust proof and even messy-child-hands proof for your next adventure. Whether you are skiing slopes or simply strolling the sidewalks, driPhone is designed with everyone in mind.

driPhone - Take Life With You

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