driPhone 6/6s

driPhone 6/6s

driPhone 6/6s

driPhone Waterproof Case - 6/6s
Drop proof up to 2 metres (onto flat surface)
• Waterproof seal is moulded into the case for maximal protection
Waterproof to 2 metres for up to 1 hour
Waterproof, dirt proof, dust proof and drop proof
Super tough polycarbonate body
Soft TPU material to reduce shock
Quick and simple 9 click lock system
Works with ID fingerprint scanner
Zero spark hazard- contains no metal components or parts
Lanyard included
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Ready for the Elements

  • DropProof

    Designed for knocks, driPhone can handle impacts from up to 2 metres onto flat surfaces 

  • WaterProof

    driPhone's built in waterproof seal provides protection to a depth of 2 metres for up to 1 hour

  • DustProof

    Take your mobile into any environment knowing that driPhone will keep it free of dust dirt and sand 

  • KidProof

    Messy hands are no issue, driPhone was built with every user in mind, including the miniature ones

driPhone 6/6s
  • Two Piece Design

    Our simple and effective design has the waterproof seal built into the 2 piece mould for maximum protection when submerged in water

  • Built for Knocks

    driPhone's tough polycarbonate body combines with a soft TPU material on the outer to provide impact reduction in all environments

  • Click Together and Go

    Indicated by 9 triangles on the back cover, the simple click lock system makes for quick and easy assembly 

  • Avoid the Unnecessary

    Prevent an accident before one happens by using the included lanyard for your device. A quick release mechanism allows for device detachment